Rehabilitation & Therapy

Tillyoch Rehabilitation & Therapy Centre

At our conveniently located facility in Aberdeen just off the AWPR, we have a range of pioneering therapies and treatments to help your horse, whether they are high performance sports horses, equine athletes or field friends. Central to what we offer is the Newmarket Equine Salt Therapy System, plus additional therapies including Cyclo-ssage massage, an Equivibe and a solarium. We have a walker, restricted turnout pens and spacious stables to aid in the recovery of your horse. Experienced staff in the recovery of horses and used to following your vets discharge instructions completely from in hand walking to set times in restricted turnout.

Rehabilitation & Livery Packages

We offer both short and long stay livery with all the therapies available. This is an ideal solution for horses that need specialised treatments. Your horse will be on full livery, stables with or without turn out and can have exercise if required or brought back into work if recovering from injury. Longer stays may be required for more chronic conditions and recovery from injury.

Salt Therapy

The dedicated N.E.S.T.S therapy room uses the very latest in equine therapy equipment to aid the rehabilitation process. It includes a Newmarket Equine Salt Therapy Unit which has proven results with respiration, allergies, congestion, coughing and skin issues, plus it’s completely natural, non-invasive and drug free. The system is now being used worldwide in all equine disciplines with amazing results. Top trainers in Newmarket are using the systems installed in their yards with large numbers of horses having therapy each day and going on to win races improving their breathing and recovery and multiple skin issues. This therapy can be used as a general pick-me-up, for chronic respiratory issues, coughing and multiple skin issues.

How many sessions:

Skin – Depending on the severity of the skin issue we recommend an initial cleanse of 3 x 20 minute sessions over 3 consecutive days, for deep set skin issues 5 consecutive days and monitor the results, more sessions may be required followed by top ups throughout the year. We have found with the improved circulation within the skin and a feeling of well-being inside a glossy coat will show through too.

Respiratory – With respiratory issues again it would be the initial cleanse of 3 consecutive days and monitor the progress of the horse.

Top ups – It would be advised to have seasonal or periodic top ups depending on condition of your horse, this will be discussed during the therapy session.

Pick me ups – ‘A pick me up’ is designed to give your horse a bit of a boost in his step by allowing the salt therapy to open up the airways and cleanse his respiratory system. This is a one x 20 minute session (after completing the initial 3 x 20 minute sessions at another time) this can be carried out before or after an event or just for the well-being factor if you believe your horse ‘isn’t quite right in himself’

We never allow more than one salt therapy session in 24hrs and this should never be tried even if you think it could produce faster results.

We have seen amazing results with our Newmarket Equine Salt Therapy System, seeing animals with severe skin issues, with some of these issues being untouchable with some lotions and potions and yet our system is proving to be of great benefit.

Salt therapy can work alongside your vet’s advice or treatments, it is a complimentary, choice therapy and it is 100% natural and drug free.

  • Improved overall performance
  • Increased stride length
  • More fluid stress free movement
  • Increased engagement
  • Shortened warm up times
  • Fast recovery from travel induced stiffness
  • Reduced risk of muscle injury during work
  • Increased lymphatic drainage / remove toxins
  • Increased core strength
  • Immediate reduction of muscular stiffness
  • Reduced mental and physical stress levels

Our massage rug can be used with other therapies or used on its own to give your horse a massage for example after strenuous exercise or just as good after a schooling session.

Cyclo-ssage Massage

We have a pro massage Cyclo–ssage rug which can be used either as a therapeutic massage to improve your horse’s circulation, or it can be great to put on before or after exercise. The Cyclo–ssage massage rug can also be used in connection with the salt therapy so we work on your horse’s circulation and respiration simultaneously..


A further addition to our therapy room, is a solarium, which means that all of the horses being treated can have warmth on their backs, and can be completely relaxed during the therapies. The heat helps to increase blood circulation and cellular metabolism. Some of the issues that solariums can be extremely useful in helping include horses prone to tying up, and the effective treatment of horses with sore or tender backs. The solarium can be used on its own or in conjunction with other therapies.


Is used for Performance, Rehabilitation and Preventive Care.

It is used to warm up and cool down your horse’s muscles without the substantial energy traditional exercises take, Help prevent loss of bone density and muscle mass due to off time or injury, increased blood flow and muscle mass for faster recovery, improved quality of hoof care, joint health and performance and valuable prevention of soft tissue injuries like laminitis.

Using an EquiVibe is fairly simple. While properly positioned, the entire body vibrates due to the frequency of the platform, which causes the muscles to contract and stretch in order to sustain balance. These natural reflexes are involuntary and happen very rapidly, much like the human knee jerk reaction tested by doctors. Depending on level of fitness or rehab, the duration and frequency of use will vary. Before when a horse was exercised they might be using around 40% of their muscles, now with EquiVibe they are using nearly 100% of their muscles. Some muscles they may have never used before.

For prices and more info about rehabilitation livery please contact us to discuss your requirements



Great service!

Martine Clark

Great service loved the live link so I could see how the journey was going, my 4 year old horse had a very long journey and walked off the lorry totally unphased or stressed which speaks for itself as to how the journey was 🤩

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A big thank you to Michael and his staff for helping my daughter and her horses settle in after her move from Perth to university they could not do enough.

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Fantastic service delivering our new horse 😀 kept up to date with messages and pictures along the way! Would not hesitate to recommend 😁

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Michael was patient & helpful with our difficult loaders who found the lorry very inviting & drove them safely to their destination. Will definitely use Tillyoch Transport for all our future journeys.